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Your Soulmate Search Ends Here! Feel Loved, Understood & Appreciated.

Choose values-based matching for a real love connection! Finding a truly loving, like-minded partner who shares your values is not easy in your busy life. And real love doesn’t just happen, it grows from a foundation of shared values. Otherwise, all you have is a romantic hope that will be dashed when your values clash! Your LoveMatch questionnaire results will reveal to you, the importance you place on non-sectarian spiritual values such as honesty, equality and ego and personal values such as character, independence and physicality. These values form the basis of your beliefs, attitudes and how you live your life and therefore, are essential in matching you to a potential partner and the foundation from which real love will grow for you.

No self-flattering profiles. Just the whole truth. LoveMatch questionnaire questions may seem simple on the surface but are designed to get to the deepest motivations and underlying values of a potential match, not what they choose to reveal or how they wish to be seen. Questions are designed not only to elicit the whole truth but to cross-check it!

LoveMatch also prepares you for the right match! Your questionnaire process will also generate a Personal Growth & Relationship Readiness Report which is included in your membership cost, to reveal insights to boost your growth, highlight where you may be stuck or blocking the right relationship and ready you for a loving, lasting relationship.

The Love Matching Process:

  1. Click "Join Now" to register your details.
  2. Choose and securely pay for the membership you want (no auto-renewal).
  3. Complete your questionnaire process and receive your Personal Growth & Relationship Readiness Report immediately.
  4. 3 tiers of values-based matching algorithms screen potential matches using your questionnaire data to find you lasting love.
  5. This process occurs in a completely safe, secure and private online environment. No public profile is required.

End uncomfortable, incompatible dates. In-depth screening of potential matches is done nightly for you. We provide match data to you. Stop wasting your time & money searching. We'll match you for the loving relationship you dream of!

We guarantee you a deeply compatible LoveMatch within a 12 month membership or extend your membership for free! Click here to join