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Reward Yourself & Your Commitment To Finding Real Love!

**68% of our members had 1+ deeply compatible matches for the month**

Still hoping Mr/Miss Right will appear but they haven't? Real love doesn’t just magically happen, it grows from shared values. You may have different interests or personalities but without a foundation of shared values to fall back on and grow from, the relationship is doomed before its begun! A real love match can develop and grow to higher and higher levels of love. It won't burn bright and crash like a romantic matchup that has no foundation and will end or become unhealthy when your values clash! So LoveMatch matches you with spiritually open, like minded people who share your values. Those who can appreciate the real you so you can relax and just be yourself!

Your LoveMatch questionnaires match you across 23 categories of spiritual values (non-sectarian) including your degree of honesty, equality and ego and personal values including character, need for independence, health, physicality and need to be affectionate. These values form the basis of your beliefs, attitudes and how you live your life, so are critical in matching you for real, lasting love. LoveMatch is affordable, so if you're spiritual and serious about real connection and genuine love, try us with any other option, to experience the real difference of our values matching that works!

No false hope followed by disappointment. People can assume an identity of image behind a computer that is not true. LoveMatch exposes this. Our questionnaires get to the deepest motivations and underlying values of your potential matches, not what they choose to reveal or how they wish to be seen. Our questions get to the truth and cross-check it. LoveMatch is your partner in your search for real love!

Relationship Ready. Your questionnaire process also generates a Personal Report to boost your relationship readiness. This is included in your membership cost and a great opportunity to receive insights to enhance your growth, highlight where you may be stuck or blocking the right relationship and ready you for a real LoveMatch.

We will help you back on track to meet your Soulmate:

  1. Click "Join Now" to register your details.
  2. Choose which Membership option meets your needs & securely pay (no auto renewal).
  3. Fill in your questionnaires and receive your Personal Report immediately to get you Relationship Ready.
  4. We screen your potential matches across 23 categories of values essential to a deeply compatible, loving relationship.
  5. You are matched and receive your comprehensive Match Compatibility Report and your match's Private Profile.

No public profiles so you're not checked out like a piece of merchandise. Stop tiresome searching and uncomfortable, incompatible coffee dates. In-depth screening of potential matches is done nightly for you and you get your match compatibility data. While you're doing other things, you can be matched to your soulmate who is capable of the same level of love as you!