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About Us

Spiritual LoveMatch is a part of Sphinx Spiritual - a highly ethical organisation bringing a deeper understanding to us of how the spiritual world works and how to apply that knowledge to living on earth. The knowledge provided by Sphinx Spiritual originates from Ancient Egypt from what is commonly known as ‘The Mystery Schools’ but was known at the time as ‘The Schools of Learning.’

Ian and Pearl Rogers are Directors and founders of Sphinx Spiritual www.SphinxSpiritual.com Both are Mediums and Spiritual teachers and are the primary teachers of all Sphinx knowledge. Pearl is also a Homoeopath, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Hypnotist.

Both Ian and Pearl began their spiritual discovery and training in the 1970’s, Ian in Australia and Pearl in the UK. Today, they work internationally changing people and organisations, spiritually.

Their specialization is spiritual knowledge, which they teach at an elite level. As part of their focus on emotional healing, they have a great interest in relationships and how to make and grow successful relationships. Hence, their interest in Spiritual LoveMatch.

They were inspired to bring forward the knowledge to create Spiritual LoveMatch as they not only wanted people to be better able to find the right match, but also to have access to trained relationship counsellors who can guide them through relationship growth.

Fleur Clarke has been trained by Ian and Pearl Rogers and is qualified as a Medium, Spiritual & Relationship Counsellor, Coach, Hahnemann Healer and Trainer. She has committed herself to her spiritual growth for the past decade. She successfully runs a spiritual practice in Mornington, Victoria.