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Frequently Asked Questions

About Spiritual LoveMatch

  • How safe, secure & private is Spiritual LoveMatch? Open or Close

    Spiritual Love Match offers considerable safety, privacy and security since each Personal Profile is only visible to a small number of highly selective, deeply compatible matches. The Spiritual Love Match matching process also offers protection against misleading and self-flattering profiles by only connecting like-to-like people with a deeply compatible set of personal and spiritual values. This also reduces the potential for rejection. We filter out applicants who are not genuine with a comprehensive process and only match those with a shared compatibility across all 11 spiritual values, including honesty and 12 personal values including their character. SSL secure payment gateways and not storing credit card information to auto-renew your membership, all support our commitment to safety, security and privacy.

  • How long is the questionnaire process? Open or Close

    Our questionnaire process is designed to provide you with deep insight into who you are and what you need and desire in a long-term, love relationship. The questionnaire data forms the basis of our comprehensive matchmaking process and is the foundation of your successful long-term match results. It is such a comprehensive questionnaire process to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information and the matching that you receive.

    After registering your personal details, you will fill in the two core, detailed questionnaires and receive the option of a short additional premium questionnaire. The first questionnaire is the Spiritual Awareness Questionnaire which has 73 questions and relates to 11 core Spiritual Values and the second is the Personal Compatibility Questionnaire which has a further 83 questions, covering 12 groupings of personal compatibility characteristics.

    The additional Premium Questionnaire adds a further 6 in-depth questions. Although short, it provides deep insight to explore each person’s desire for a deep, emotionally connected, partnership and their level of emotional awareness. This also enables, even more selective refining of your matching process with further one-to-one matching between Premium Members. This questionnaire process will greatly benefit you in terms of the depth and quality of the matches you receive and in the depth and quality of information that you receive from us which can be used to greatly enhance your personal and relationship growth.

  • How do I get further help? Open or Close

    Helping you is important to us. We’d love to hear from you if you are not able to find the help you need in our FAQ.  Please send us an email via the "Contact Us" form on the homepage or call 0458 010 474 or (03) 5973 4330 and one of our Customer Service representatives will be in touch.

  • Is Spiritual LoveMatch non-sectarian? Open or Close

    Yes. Spiritual LoveMatch is a non-sectarian, relationship matching service, especially for people who are spiritually aware and seeking a genuine, long-term, love relationship.

  • How are you different from other Internet Dating Sites? Open or Close

    Spiritual LoveMatch offers a vastly different, deep and meaningful online relationship matching service specifically for spiritually aware people and not comparable to mass market, online dating sites. Unlike other competitors, we do not offer general (non-compatible) matches. We cater for spiritually aware people specifically and offer personal growth feedback and in-depth information at a value for money price.

    For you to be matched, you must be in alignment with a potential partner across all 11 Spiritual and 12 Personal Values. This comprehensive basis of our matching sets us apart and removes uncomfortable first dates because you will only be matched with someone who shares a deep compatibility with you.

    The quality of matches that our members receive are based on their comprehensive alignment of shared spiritual and personal values, measured not by how our members choose to describe themselves but how they actually apply their values in living their life. This ensures that only deeply compatible people with a strong foundation for long-term love are matched. Insincere and non-genuine members are removed from our system and their money is refunded. Therefore, we offer a very safe, high quality, online relationship matching and self development alternative.

    Now you can know the heart-felt feelings, nature, actions and behaviours of another person before you decide you want to form a relationship with them!

  • I don't think I'm ready for another relationship Open or Close
    Then this is an ideal opportunity for you because the personal growth information you will receive from Spiritual LoveMatch will open you up and prepare you for what you need in a relationship so you are ready and able to avail yourself of the opportunity when it comes. The personal growth information offered to our members provides the opportunity to understand where things have gone awry in past relationships, what you really need in a loving relationship and how to prepare yourself to be ready and open to the right relationship for you.

    Many relationships don’t serve you or help you grow and will even hold you back! Wrong relationships can create a barrier to putting yourself ‘out there’ again. Spiritual LoveMatch eliminates the risk of being matched with a non-genuine or insincere person or anyone who is not compatible with your spiritual and personal values.

  • Is there a Spiritual LoveMatch for everyone? Open or Close
    Yes. A Spiritual LoveMatch doesn’t mean you’re alike on all things but that you have the potential for a deep and compatible, long-term, love relationship. It is also a relationship where you can understand, appreciate and support each other because of your underlying shared values. We need and are meant to find someone who is spiritually compatible if we are spiritual i.e. we need like-to-like. This is why we offer you our guarantee. We'll find you a Spiritual LoveMatch within 12 months or we'll extend your membership for a further 6 months, for free!

    Our support is also available during the course of your relationship. We offer a blog, articles and videos and a variety of support services designed to assist you to grow your relationship to higher and higher levels of love over time.

  • Won’t people just select the answers that make them look good? Open or Close
    Our questionnaires are designed so you can’t guess what is being asked/the correct answer. It is designed to get to the sub-conscious motivations of a potential partner and to understand to what extent they apply spiritual and personal values in living their life, not about who they say are or how they may wish to be seen.

  • How do I know I'll receive value for money? Open or Close
    We are approximately 20% cheaper than other online relationship matching sites. Spiritual LoveMatch’s Questionnaires draw out from each potential match, broad ranging issues which affect two people in forming an ongoing relationship. We also offer a depth and quality of personal growth information and insight that others do not. Spiritual LoveMatch’s in-depth matching algorithms, matching logic and personally tailored personal growth help have been sourced via Deep Trance Mediumship and therefore, offer a purity of insight not available elsewhere which is tailored to your individual questionnaire results.

    Spiritual Love Match does all the hard work to match you to only those who share the importance and priority of your values, attitudes and behaviours. Also, to ensure you are only matched to those who share a deep, lasting foundation for the ongoing growth of a fulfilling, committed, love relationship that also nurtures the personal and emotional growth of each other.

  • What is your refund policy? Open or Close
    Spiritual Love Match has a non-refund policy. The system is automated to ensure that everything that is promised is delivered. In lieu of a refund, where a match is not found within the subscribed subscription period an extended membership term is added for free. Please see our LoveMatch Guarantee.

Membership Options

  • What are the advantages of Premium Membership? Open or Close

    The Premium Membership is for our members who seek not only a deeply compatible, growth relationship but an emotionally aware partner and a relationship offering deep, emotional fulfilment.

    In addition to your Essentials Plus report, Premium membership includes comparative percentage questionnaire results with a series of diagrams for each set of personal and spiritual values, relative to each LoveMatch. Therefore, as well as your overall level of spiritual awareness and personal compatibility, you can see for example, that you scored a 73% for honesty and your potential LoveMatch achieved 79% and so on.

    Premium Members also receive the opportunity to fill in a further short but insightful questionnaire that provides additional in-depth understanding of your long-term love potential and the capacity of your potential LoveMatch to be emotionally fulfilling. This enables even more selective matching in finding you ideal LoveMatch. Your matching is based on your LoveMatch’s emotional awareness and your potential for a deep, emotionally connected, partnership. Finally, our Premium Members have the benefit of sharing and receiving a description of who your ideal partner is and your idea of what a love relationship involves with each match.  

    Therefore, you receive even deeper insight into the basis for your shared long-term relationship success with highly selective matches. Compare and contrast all the ways in which each match you receive is a potential long-term LoveMatch for you.

  • What are the benefits of an Essential+ Membership? Open or Close

    Your Essential Plus Report includes additional in-depth analysis of your own personal values and spiritual awareness based on your questionnaire results to boost your own personal growth to ready you for the right relationship for you. This report helps you to better understand who you are and what you truly need from a partner to have a deeply fulfilling, conscious, love relationship. Therefore, you not only receive your overall results, you receive a result from low – very high for each set of personal and spiritual values you hold, as well as the result level attained by each of your matches and further in-depth insight into what this means.

    Therefore, you will learn the basis for the most successful spiritual LoveMatch for you and how certain compatibility factors will serve your personal growth and relationship potential. Learn why your match is capable of sustaining a long-term, successful, love relationship with you. This insight prepares you to recognise the right match for you and a growth relationship with a strong foundation to support your future happiness and growth.


  • What forms of payment do you accept? Open or Close

    We accept all major credit cards and payments via Paypal. PayPal, is an extremely secure, global online payment system.

  • Do you auto-renew? Open or Close

    No. Unlike most competitors, Spiritual Love Match only generates revenue from one-off payments for a small number of extremely selective matches, not from ongoing monthly auto-renewing membership fees, auto-billed to a customer’s credit/debit card. Therefore, there is no risk that you will receive unwanted charges.

Matching Process

  • How do I start the matching process? Open or Close

    1. Click “Join Now” to register as a member.

    2. Follow the prompts to select your membership of choice and pay on a fixed term plan (no auto-renewal). Nothing further to pay including to communicate with your matches.

    3. You will then be directed to fill in the Spiritual Awareness and Personal Compatibility Questionnaires that ensure the deepest matching and personal growth information available for a spiritually aware person. If you have selected a Premium Membership, you will also fill in an additional Premium Questionnaire.

    4. As soon as you complete the Questionnaire Process you will receive a comprehensive personal growth report and be taken to your personal “Dashboard” where you can view and interact with matches, edit your profile or view your Personal Growth Report at any time.

    All of your information will be treated with the highest confidentiality.

  • Why can’t I search for my own matches? Open or Close

    We don’t rely on how people choose to present themselves or describe themselves. Spiritual Love Match gets to the unspoken and even unconscious motivations of potential partners and focuses on who people are in terms of the values they hold and how they actually live their life. 

    We offer a new standard in terms of integrity, accuracy and compatibility of matches and do all the hard work so you only receive matches who are highly compatible with you. The quality of the matches you receive is based on a comprehensive alignment of your shared spiritual values, personal preferences, attitudes, beliefs and lifestyle choices and we don’t compromise on this. Be matched on the most vital criteria that individuals would rarely disclose during the dating process even if they were aware of it for themselves.   

  • How does Spiritual LoveMatch calculate my matches for me? Open or Close

    We understand that searching can be disheartening and time-consuming. Now you can bypass this and all those disappointing or uncomfortable first dates by letting us do all the difficult ground-work. We won’t waste your time with anything but the highest quality, deeply compatible matches. 

    Our unique matching algorithms are based on the spiritual and personal values vital to a successful LoveMatch for a conscious, spiritually aware, individual. Therefore we match comprehensively and exclusively on:

    1) the importance and priority of 11 categories of non-sectarian spiritual values which are the bedrock of your belief system, attitudes and how you live your life;

    2) the importance and priority of 12 categories of personal values which create a foundation for long-term personal compatibility; 

    3) an additional category for our Premium members with further selective one-to-one relationship matching and deeper insight for those with the desire and need for not just a deeply compatible, growth relationship but an emotionally aware partner and a relationship offering deep, emotional fulfillment.

    Using these category dimensions, we are able to match you with only those who share the highest levels of compatibility you. In this way, we ensure a deep, lasting foundation for the ongoing growth of a fulfilling, committed, love relationship that also nurtures the personal and emotional growth of each other. 


  • What is the difference between a 1st and 2nd priority match? Open or Close
    1st Priority Match is a match which has the highest probability of being a LoveMatch, as a result of answers given on the questionnaires. A 2nd Priority Match is one where a select few (less critical) fields have been re-categorised, therefore broadening the opportunity for a match. People who are matched as a second priority match are done so because we believe that there is still every likelihood they can become a LoveMatch but with some extra effort.


  • How do I start communication with a match? Open or Close

    To communicate with a new match:

    1. Log in via the homepage log in button
    2. Click on the “My Match(s)” icon on your Dashboard page and then select View Match Report to view your match compatibility.
    3. View their personal profile.
    4. Accept your match and wait for their response.
    5. From your My Match(s) page on your Dashboard click the “Quick Message” or the "Send a Message" button to send a short message or an email or click on the My Messages icon on your Dashboard and compose a new message.
    6. To use chat, search for your match in the search window and type your message in the space below.
  • How often can I redo the Questionnaire process? Open or Close

    When you renew your membership, you may redo the questionnaire process to account for change and growth over a period of time. Personal Growth Membership members redo their questionnaire at the halfway mark of their membership to assess their growth progress.

  • Why haven’t I received my first three matches? Open or Close

    Large sites offer up plenty of members, however, many of these members are not serious about a long-term love relationship and many remain listed while not actively or seriously seeking a partner. At SLM you will only receive matches who are capable of sustaining a long-term successful, love relationship with you. To achieve this, we use very specific compatibility algorithms and matching logic that specialise in the priority and importance of core values to a conscious, spiritual person which creates a high standard in terms of integrity, accuracy and compatibility of matches but low match quantity. Therefore, you cannot expect a high number of matches though we keep endeavouring to match you successfully and we will, so please be patient. When you do receive your matches you will appreciate the quality and due to the time it takes for you to receive your quality matches we offer our personal guarantee. While you wait, please make use of all the personal growth information we offer to ensure you are in the best personal place to embrace the right match for you as soon as you receive it!

Privacy and Communication

  • I’d like to share a story and photo? Open or Close

    We’d love to hear about your match success and receive a photo! Please email us your photo and story via the "Contact Us" link on the Homepage or send it to:

    Spiritual LoveMatch
    2/9 Blake St (Railway Gr)
    Mornington Vic 3931  

    Your photo and story will not be used without your permission.


  • Who can see me and contact me? Open or Close
    Only a small number of the most comprehensively matched members i.e. your 'Priority Matches' may view your profile and initiate contact with you.

  • How do I get a photo for my match? Open or Close

    Photos are featured in your Matches Profile. If they have not uploaded a photo, please message them to request that they do or send LoveMatch Support a request to have us encourage them to do so.

  • How do I access my Match’s Profile? Open or Close

    This will be automatically sent to you when you receive each priority match.

  • How do I stop a match contacting me? Open or Close

    Please chose the “Opt Out of Match” option available on your "My Matche(s)" page (after you log in and go to your Dashboard). If you change your mind at a later point in time, you can opt back in to the match by clicking the "Match History" button at the bottom of the page and selecting this match from this list.

  • What if I do not agree with my questionnaire results? Open or Close

    The information you receive, based on your questionnaire process, is designed to help you learn more about yourself and cause you to think more deeply about what it indicates. It is often that which is the most difficult to confront in ourselves which produces the greatest learning and change, personally and in a relationship. Trust the integrity and accuracy of our matching algorithms and that this information will serve you well and that the information which you struggle with will become increasingly clear to you over time.

My Account

  • How can I edit my personal details/account information? Open or Close

    Changing your Personal Details

    1. Log in
    2. From your Dashboard click the “Edit My Profileicon. If you need your email address updated please send details of your new email address to us via the “Contact Us” button on the Homepage.
    3. Remember to save any changes you make to your profile by using the Save button at the bottom of the Edit My Profile page.


  • How do I take a break or end my membership Open or Close

    There is no need to end your membership as you do not have a public profile. If you have a Relationship or Friendship Matching Membership all you need to do is select the “No Further Matching” on your “My Matches” page to take a break from or end your matching. This will ensure that your membership is completely private and will be accessible only by yourself untll it finishes the current term you have committed to pay for. Therefore, you can still make use of the personal growth and relationship insight resources on the site, should you choose to. Your membership will automatically come to an end at the completion of your fixed membership term as we do not auto-renew memberships.


  • Re-opening my account/membership Open or Close

    If you previously had an account with us and that account is now closed, you may reopen it easily. Simply go to our login page and enter the email address and password you previously used when you had an account with us. You will be taken to the commence membership page to renew your membership.

    If you have forgotten the password you used to register, click the option under the log in username and password boxes.

  • How can I unsubscribe from SLM's promotional e-mail distribution list? Open or Close

    To unsubscribe or opt out of receiving Spiritual LoveMatch special offers or newsletters, please follow the easy steps below:

    1. Log into your account
    2. Click on the My Settings tab
    3. Click on the E-mail Settings subheading link
    4. Scroll down the page and uncheck the box for e-mail offers
    5. Click on the "save changes" button Once you do this, your e-mail address will be promptly removed from our distribution list.

Technical Help

  • How do I log in/log out Open or Close

    Before you can log in as a member you must register to become a member. Please “click here” if you have not yet registered. You will then be taken to our commence membership page to choose your membership type and level, fill in your payment details based on the membership choice made and to complete your comprehensive Questionnaire Process which will then take you directly to receive your Personal Growth Report and access your personal LoveMatch Dashboard page. After this, you can log in at any time by clicking the ‘login’ box in the upper right corner of any page of www.spirituallovematch.com.au. Clicking this link will take to a page where you can fill in the fields with your email address and password and click ‘Login’ to access your account. Checking the ‘Remember Me’ box will allow you to stay logged into your account for future sessions; however; this should only be used on a private computer for your privacy and security.

    Spiritual LoveMatch is optimised for smartphones and tablets so simply log in at www.spirituallovematch.com.au on your browser and a login screen will automatically load.

    Desktop users will find the ‘Logout’ button in the top right corner of any page of the Spiritual LoveMatch website. Simply click this button and confirm that you wish to log out to end your current session. Mobile users can find the link to logout at the top of any page of the Spiritual LoveMatch website on their smartphone or tablet. Simply click this button and confirm to log out to end your current session.

  • I have forgotten my password Open or Close

    If you’ve forgotten your password, please request for it to be reset by clicking the “Forgotten password’’ link, under the login box on the SLM homepage. Enter the email address you registered with and you will receive an email with a link to resolve this. If you still have any difficulties, please contact customer support: support@spirituallovematch.com.au


  • How do I change my current password? Open or Close

    To change your password, simply select "log in" and then click the "forgot your password" link under the username and password boxes.

  • How do I upload my photos from Facebook? Open or Close

    You may transfer photos from your Facebook account to your Spiritual LoveMatch Private Profile. Select the Facebook icon to connect to Facebook, log in to your Facebook account and a pop up window will appear were all your Facebook photos are stored. You can select certain photos and import them into your Spiritual LoveMatch profile.

  • How do I contact other members? Open or Close
    This is a private system so you may only make contact with your Priority Matches.

    To start communicating with your comprehensively matched potential partners. First “accept” the match on your “My Matches” page. From your Dashboard, then select “LoveMatch Messages.”

    1. Send a Quick Message to get things started; or

    2. Send a secure, private instant message or email through the SLM system. Writing personal messages is the best way to deepen initial contact with a potential partner. If you find something interesting in the other person’s compatibility report or profile, start a discussion and build a connection. Your match’s compatibility report enables you to better understand each other’s core values and compatibility. This creates a great starting point to discuss what is important to each other and establish a rapport at a more personal level. This will raise personal questions so you can further explore topics that matter to you.
  • How do I enable cookies? Open or Close

    In order for most secure websites to function properly, your browser needs to be set to accept cookies. Disabling browser functions such as Javascript, cookies or SSL may cause certain website functionality to be unavailable.

    To enable your browser to accept cookies please follow these steps.

    Internet Explorer:

    1.    Click on Tools
    2.    Click on Internet Options
    3.    Click on the Privacy Tab
    4.    Either set the slider bar to Medium or you can click on the Advanced button and select Accept for First and Third Party Cookies
    5.    Click Ok in the Internet Options Menu.

    Mozilla Firefox:

    1.    Click on Tools
    2.    Click on Options
    3.    Click on Privacy
    4.    Make sure there is a checkmark in the Accept cookies from sites
    5.    Click on the Exceptions Button
    6.    Add info@spirituallovematch.com.au to the exceptions list
    7.    Click the Allow button
    8.    Click the Close Button
    9.    Click Ok

  • How to clear your Cache and Cookies Open or Close

    When encountering a problem on the site, often the best and first thing to try is clearing the cache and cookies of your Internet Browser.
    The steps below show you how to clear your browser's cache and cookies. If you are not sure what browser you are using, click on this link To make sure you don’t miss out on fresh content when a site is updated, it’s a good idea to clear your browser’s cache and cookies on a regular basis.

    Clearing Cache on Google Chrome:

    - Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
    - Select More tools.
    - Select Clear browsing data.
    - In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
    - Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
    - Click Clear browsing data.

    Clearing Cache on Mozilla Firefox:

    - Click the Three Lines icon in the top right of your browser.
    - Select History, then select Clear Recent History.
    - Select the time range to clear (drop-down menu).
    - Click Details to choose what history elements to clear.

    Clearing Cache on Internet Explorer:

    - Open Internet Explorer.
    - From the Tools menu choose Internet Options.
    - On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete.
    - Un-check the Preserve Favorites website data box.
    - Check the Temporary Internet files, Cookies, and History boxes.

    Clearing Cache on Safari:

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    - Select the Empty Caches link.