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Is Spiritual LoveMatch Right For You?

Are you sick of the mass market feel of huge dating sites? Do you lack the interest or time to date 100 people in order to find someone with whom you can relate to on a deep level? Are you tired of the lack of honesty and reliance on photos in online profiles? Do you seek a highly selective process that reduces rejection and disappointment and eliminates unnecessary searching, dishonest or non-genuine matches?

We remove the guesswork and countless hours of searching through self-flattering profiles. Although the majority of online dating websites offer photos and detailed, searchable profiles and cover everything from personality traits to what interests you, this information can actually be misleading, distracting or irrelevant in identifying a deeply compatible partner.

We cater for genuine, spiritually aware singles, tired of fruitless searching, wanting to meet and form enduring, love relationships. Spiritual Love Match’s unique compatibility algorithms specialise in the priority and importance of core values to a conscious, spiritually aware person. This is vital because these core values form the unspoken rules and conditions that determine what is non-negotiable and what is acceptable in a relationship. (See our sections on Spiritual Values and Personal Compatibility)


At Spiritual Love Match we don’t rely on what people choose to say about themselves but on how they apply their values in the choices they make and how they actually live their life. Therefore, Spiritual Love Match gets to the unspoken and even unconscious motivations of potential partners.

Large sites offer up plenty of members, however, many are not serious about a long-term love relationship and many who remain listed, are not currently or actively seeking a partner. At Spiritual Love Match insincere members are filtered out and not matched and inactive member issues are minimised as matches are only given on request.

We offer a new standard in terms of integrity, accuracy and compatibility of matches and never compromise on this quality to generate match quantity. Unlike most competitors, Spiritual Love Match does not generate revenue from membership fees that are auto-renewed using a customer’s credit/debit card.

For a specific time period, chosen upfront, only the most selective of matches are received and paid for on a fixed membership payment plan via PayPal.

We offer uncompromising high quality, integrity and accuracy!