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Personal Compatibility

The LoveMatch Personal Values Questionnaire draws out broad ranging issues which affect two people in forming an ongoing relationship and living together. Some of these questions are so critical to a successful relationship that where respondents give totally different answers, the likelihood of a successful relationship is negligible and no match is given.

This questionnaire also acts to draw out a person’s deepest wants and desires in a relationship. This picture of your personal traits is subdivided into 12 categories. Within each category, each potential match is assessed to determine if there is a strong likelihood of them being able to forge a successful relationship. The following 12 categories of personal values are ranked in order of their importance to the long-term personal compatibility potential of a LoveMatch and form an integral part of our comprehensive matching process.

1. Character: That which makes a person believe they are right or wrong in what they do and to act it out accordingly. 

2. Independence: The ability to think, act and grow of your own accord without an undue reliance upon others.  

3. Physicality: The physical values of a person and those desired in another person.

4. Parenting: The desire for an ongoing role in raising your own children or assisting a new partner to raise theirs.

5. Evolution: The state of an individual’s knowing from what they have learned during the total of all of their lives on earth and time in the spiritual world.

6. Habits:
Values or traits of a person repeated without conscious thought with little accord to the situation in which they are used. 

7. Honesty in a Relationship: The ability to express your needs to your partner, other than in an angry way, whilst recognising that those needs change and need to be re-expressed. In a relationship, honesty extends to thoughts, feelings and desires and the ability to match your words to your actions.

8. Health: The state of a body as a result of the physical and emotional conditions in a person's life.

9. Demonstrative: The ability to express and reciprocate to others, usually feelings of good will. 

10. Sexual Compatibility: Where two people are able to find a way to express their passion for each other sexually.

11. Environmental Awareness: Where people demonstrate their selflessness through acting out of care and concern for something bigger and beyond themselves.

12. Idealism: A belief that doing what is right is more important than compromise just to satisfy the needs of others.