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Spiritual Values Compatibility

The spiritual values you hold and live by form who you truly are at a deep level. Therefore, it is vital that we match the importance and priority of these values for you and a potential match to ensure a strong basis for the long-term potential of the relationship. At LoveMatch we save our members from finding out this incompatibility at a later stage in the relationship when inevitable conflicts will otherwise arise. 

Concepts that exist in the spiritual world and are seen as critical to achieving growth on earth are used to form the following 11 spiritual values. Where a person is mostly able to live their life in accordance with these values, it is considered successful.

In any value where there is a significant difference between two people applying that value, there is not a LoveMatch. Likewise, if there is a significant difference in the cumulative application of these values, there cannot be a successful match outcome.

These 11 core spiritual values are listed in order of their significance to the long-term viability of a genuine, LoveMatch:

1. Karma: confronting the situations in your life arising from pre-existing debt. Avoidance of this leads to a wasted and non-worthwhile life.

2. Spiritual Growth: the application of spiritual values and principles in your daily life. The more these values are applied in your life, the more personal growth you will experience. 
3. Equality: acceptance that all individuals have equal worth. The application or non-application of this value will affect your beliefs and how you lead your life.

4. Accountability: every action of every person has a reaction for which you are accountable. Growth as a person cannot take place if you do not take responsibility for your own actions (e.g. blame).

5. Judgement: An expectation that others will subscribe to your values, and if they don’t, you deem them to be wrong. In doing this you are applying a negative state or energy to them. This means you are critical of them which is where the judgement lays.

6. Sharing Energy: the recognition of the connectivity of all people and things. In being unselfish, we are of particular help to those who are struggling at that moment in their life.

7. Ego: the belief that other people exist to support you and/or your belief systems. Where you do not get the balance of this concept right, you will be difficult, if not impossible, to be in a partnership with.

8. Fear: indecisiveness over an unknown outcome. Becoming decisive will not by itself, rid you of fear but will allow you to discover that what ever life brings, you are equipped to deal with it.

9. Honesty: the ability to express your truth. Honesty is not taught and rarely rewarded yet it is the single most important way to evaluate a person’s spiritual growth. 

10. Choice: the right to make decisions concerning matters fundamental to your personal growth. Every person’s basic right is to make such choices. Failure to take up this right will alienate you from those who do take it up.

11. Self-Belief: the belief that you are worthy of giving yourself the opportunity to grow. An inability to give yourself this opportunity will doom you to mediocrity.