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The Spiritual LoveMatch Difference

For any relationship to succeed, there needs to be shared values and a deep understanding of each other’s belief systems. Love is the ingredient that changes a relationship It uplifts, it excites. It is demanding and it causes people to give up a part of themselves for their partner. Once felt, a relationship can only be fulfilling where there is love.

Spiritual LoveMatch offers you a genuine, private and safe place to meet and connect with conscious, spiritual and like-minded individuals. We guarantee that you will only be matched to people who accept, understand and share your core values and a deep, personal compatibility with you. We understand that your spiritual values play a critical role in forming lasting genuine, love relationships because they underpin your belief system, attitudes and how you live your life.

Therefore, Spiritual Love Match does all the hard work to match you to only those who share the importance and priority of your values, attitudes and behaviours. In this way, we ensure a deep, lasting foundation for the ongoing growth of a fulfilling, committed, love relationship that also nurtures the personal and emotional growth of each other. 

Our unique matching algorithms are based on the spiritual and personal values vital to a successful LoveMatch for a genuine, spiritually aware, individual. Therefore we match comprehensively on:

1) The importance and priority of 11 categories of non-sectarian spiritual values which are the bedrock of your belief system, attitudes and how you live your life;

2) The importance and priority of 12 categories of personal values which create a foundation for long-term personal compatibility;               

3) The desire and need for not just a deeply compatible, growth relationship but an emotionally aware partner and a relationship offering deep, emotional fulfilment. This third category is only offered to our Premium Members who seek the deepest, selective one-to-one relationship matching and additional in-depth insight relating this deeper inquiry and insight to themselves and each of their LoveMatches.

We understand that searching can be disheartening and time-consuming. Now you can bypass this and all those disappointing or uncomfortable first dates by letting us do all the difficult ground-work. We won’t waste your time with anything but the highest quality, deeply compatible matches. Our extremely selective process provides the utmost privacy and safety.

Stop tiresome, online searching today and let us find you a true love match!